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Welcome to KATE

Choi, Yeon Hee

Dear KATE members,

I am greatly honored to serve The Korea Association of Teachers of English (KATE) as the 26th president. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the former presidents, board members and all KATE members for your warm support and faith. Since its foundation in 1965, KATE has made extensive contributions to the growth of English education in Korea, owing to the great passion and dedication of the former presidents and members. Through their devotion, KATE is now globally acknowledged as one of the most prestigious societies for English education in Korea. I, too, aim to serve for the community with interactive leadership and dedicated service, based on my love toward and hope for the development of English education. Again, I thank each and every member who has helped lead to the progress.

It is especially honorary for me to serve as the 26th president, as we are to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2015. Still, it requires special interests and care from the members for a successful, commemorative conference. Previewing some of the highlights for the upcoming years, the board members have the mission of stepping forward to support the global prominence of the English Teaching journal, by attaining acceptance to the SCOPUS or SSCI database. We also aim to raise the eminence of the association, to have a leading role in the policy establishment process related to English education in Korea-including the development of the national curriculum, teacher education, actual practices in the classroom, English language assessment, and educational planning into the future. Establishing a scholarly identity for Korea-based English education is another task. Among one of our most noticeable duties is to organize a field for researchers to communicate and exchange information. This is to contribute to a sense of fellowship among those in the field of English education, including members, student members, and even non-members. This will also help stimulate research in English education, support the growth of English education through active discussions among SIGs, and consequently promote tight links between academic research and the actual teaching or learning in the classrooms. Through this, our ultimate goal is to generate a professional organization that each and every member can feel the pride of being part of the society. I promise and guarantee that all board members will exert every endeavor to make this come true.

There is still much to accomplish besides the tasks listed above. It is by the love, concern, and dedication of our prestigious members that we can achieve the mission. We have our vision to bring the stature of English education in Korea to the next level, and I have no doubt that we will be able to succeed as we dream the future together. Acknowledging that we are national leaders in English education, with your support, I have the strong belief that the vision will come true in the near future.

I would like to invite you over the two-year journey to contribute to the development of English education in Korea.

Yeon Hee Choi, Ph. D.
President, KATE
August 1st, 2014